Over the past decade, the issue of homelessness has grown into a pressing and complex societal challenge in many regions around the world. The factors contributing to the increase in homelessness have been multifaceted and interconnected. Economic disparities, stagnant wages, and the rising cost of housing have played pivotal roles, pushing individuals and families to the brink of housing insecurity. Moreover, systemic issues such as limited access to affordable healthcare, mental health services, and social support networks have exacerbated the problem, making it difficult for vulnerable populations to break the cycle of homelessness. As urbanization has surged, gentrification and housing shortages have also impacted the availability of affordable housing options, placing additional strain on those already grappling with financial instability. The confluence of these factors highlights the need for comprehensive, multi-dimensional approaches that encompass not only affordable housing initiatives but also targeted support services to address the root causes of homelessness and create pathways to stable living situations.

We are seeking funding to build affordable housing options for the local community and to update houses to be more energy efficient. For the time being, we address the need of the homeless community by providing food, water, clothing and toiletries to individuals in immediate need. Most importantly, we are spreading the gospel and the love of Christ through our community interactions.

Your donations are so important to our organization, we rely on your faithful giving to sustain our activities. If you would like to donate to our church, give us a call (503) 744-9224 or email us at endtimesapologetics@gmail.com